Zodiac 192 kHz DAC

World class digital audio technology at home and beyond

Choosing Zodiac D/A converter means you are taking a big step into a new world of digital sound clarity where your listening experience will expand with warmth and detail.

Connect your PC, Mac, CD player or any other digital audio source to your Zodiac DAC and enjoy sublime performance from the high-grade headphone amplifiers or analog outputs to your speakers.

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Listening to Zodiac DAC by Antelope Audio

A high definition USB D/A converter

Zodiac is a high definition USB digital to analog converter designed to enrich your home audio system at an affordable price. The digital audio converter employs Antelope's proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) technology and oven controlled oscillator which establish pro audio industry standards, bringing significant benefits to the detail, dynamics and stereo placement of the audio.

Sampling rate of up to 192 kHz

The sampling rate of up to 192 kHz and 129dB Dynamic Range position Zodiac D/A converter among devices in a considerably higher price range. The DAC features 2 x S/PDIF, 2 x Optical inputs, Balanced & Unbalanced Analog Outputs and a high-speed USB 2.0 connectivity through a custom USB chip, working with native drivers.


    Often overlooked, the quality of the clock is extremely important when high quality audio is desired. The clock is housed in a shielded container where the temperature is kept constant, therefore bringing significant benefits to the detail, dynamics and stereo placement of the audio.


    Sophisticated 64-bit algorithms allow precise control over our Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Jitter Management, two critical components to improve audio via clocking. The incoming digital signal is brought to life with this unique 64-bit technology, resulting in smooth and detailed audio whatever the method of digital connectivity.


    Custom implementation of the USB chip leads to extreme audio performance and comprehensive support for your system. There are user selectable modes tailored to suit both Mac and PC; and with a data transfer rate of 480Mbits flawless audio is achieved with native drivers.


    Ultra Linear, Dual Stage Headphone Amps deliver smooth sound at both high and low levels, controlled by a dedicated volume knob.


    To preserve the full bit resolution of the DAC, volume adjustment is entirely in the analog domain. Separate analog and digital power supplies eliminate digital cross-talk. This is further enhanced by keeping analog and digital circuits on separate PCB’s. These gold plated boards utilize large internal ground plains, cancelling noise and voltage shifts.


    Zodiac Software Control Panel allows remote control of the DAC directly from the screen of your computer.  It is compatible with OS X, Windows and Linux and provides easy access to a number of additional features such as fast firmware update, peak meter, product registration and feedback form.

2x Headphone Outputs on 1/4” TRS
2x S/PDIF Coaxial Inputs
2x Optical TOSLINK Inputs
Balanced Analog Outputs on XLR
USB on mini B type connector


In The Box ZODIAC High Definition 192kHz D/A converter
Printed Documentation
DC Power supply
IEC Power cable
USB cable
Optical TOSLINK cable
Dimensions Width: 166 mm/6.5”
Height: 112 mm/4.4”
Depth: 193 mm/7.6”
Weight 1.9 kg/4.19 lb

Zodiac Silver Connectivity Cgart

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