Isochrone DA

Designed to provide far more than clock distribution

Jitter cancelling clock distribution amplifier synchronizes the studio with unmatchable precision and makes connected devices sound better than anyone thought possible.

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An unprecedented approach to clock

As digital technology proliferates, clock distribution is more critical than ever, and the DA is the definitive solution. The Isochrone DA is a new, unprecedented approach to clock distribution. Designed to provide far more than clock distribution, the DA's unique regeneration technology will both synchronize the studio with unmatchable precision, and also make connected devices sound better than anyone thought possible. The Isochrone DA was created to benefit any studio, not just those that need more clock outputs.

Stable low jitter signal

Other Clock Distributors simply amplify the outgoing clock signal, redistributing unstable, jitter polluted clock throughout the studio. This process introduces additional jitter to the signal as well, making it an overall poor way to address sync distribution. The Isochrone DA approaches distribution in an entirely different way, circumventing the flawed amplification approach used by other devices. With Antelope's exclusive clock regeneration process, the DA distributes signal that is vastly superior to the source. This low jitter signal stabilizes the entire studio, and connected gear will experience significant improvements in sound quality.

DA Front and Rear panels

Upgrading the existing master clock

Typically, a clock distributor is not added to the studio until there's a shortage of clock outputs, but the Isochrone DA is an immediate asset, regardless of situation. Adding an Isochrone DA is the easiest way to upgrade your existing master clock, allowing it to achieve the high levels or performance found only in Isochrone clocking hardware. Even the most high-end master clocks will exhibit noticeable improvement as a result of adding the DA.



Clock Regeneration, allowing distributed clock superior in quality to the source
Jitter Management Module
DDS based Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC)
Wide Frequency support 30kHz-200kHz
Freewheel support. Protection from source clock dropouts
8 Word Clock Outputs, two supporting custom frequencies
4 AES / EBU Outputs
2 S/PDIF Outputs
S/PDIF Input with rebuffered audio pass through
AES/EBU Input with rebuffered audio pass through
Superclock support for Digidesign Pro Tools systems
Power supply for automatic compliance with all international voltage standards
In The Box Isochrone DA
Power cord
Owner's manual
Warranty card
Dimensions Width: 483 mm/19"
Height: 44 mm/1.75"
Depth: 175 mm/7" 
Weight 2.3 kg/5.1 lb

The DA is a unique product that can be easily applied to enhance an existing system’s performance.

Although we heard that this equipment removes and distributes jitters in the master clock, I didn’t quite understand the purpose of it at first. However, I connected it to the back of one of the master clocks (the PROBOX12 Senior from Audio&Design) we use in our company, and started monitoring. Then, when I worked the Isochrone DA into it, I was caught by surprise!

The comparison was easily much clearer than without one. Simply put, the sound seemed organized in a logical way, giving a much improved clarity. When mastering, the basics of sound engineering are completed through a selection process of AD converters and such. But now we discovered that even before that process, applying the “Isochrone DA” is the first priority.

An additional merit in applying the “Isochrone DA” is that it effectively utilizes the existing master clock, and at the same time simultaneously improves the sound engineering quality by improving the clock signal quality. In a studio with much digital equipment and lacking possible outputs, just installing the Isochrone DA will instantly add another eight! We have never previously come across equipment created with this kind of purpose, but were able to acknowledge the importance of the master clock once again.

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SYuta Tada, Mastering Engineer at Production Engineering Department, Pony Canyon Inc

Shuji Nose, Mastering Engineer at Production Engineering Department, Pony Canyon Inc.