Pro Audio

Professional AD/DA Converters and Interfaces


We have combined our core innovations to create a technological symbioses that offers recording, mastering and mixing engineers a whole new level of productivity, sound quality and ease of use. The advanced 384 kHz AD/DA conversion supported by our clocking and power supply technologies provide unprecedented experience.

Analog Signal Processors


Striving to provide sound engineers with a genuine listening experience, we carefully design analog circuits, world class mic preamps and transparent relay attenuators to ensure the audio integrity throughout the whole signal path. Our Analog Signal Processors are engineered to perfectly fit the sound quality of our converters.

Master Clocks


Antelope Audio has pioneered the adoption of the Atomic clock generators in Audio Master Clocks. Our 64-bit clocking technology implements Acoustically Focused Clocking (AFC) and Jitter Management, which are the two critical components invented by Antelope to improve audio quality via clocking.