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Jonathan Davis - Korn

It’s basically my studio all in one box. It's the best interface I've used. I love that everything is right there.

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Dusty Kid

Since using the Orion32, I have never experienced problems with drivers and the clocking has been perfect.

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The Orion32 excels every step of the way, enabling a great workflow and commanding results.

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Master Clocks View all artists

Rafa Sardina

 After you first hear it, you realize that the Antelope clocking technology is superior.

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Emily Lazar

Since they arrived at The Lodge, the Iscochrone 10M Atomic Clock and the OCX-V are probably the hardest working pieces of gear in our studios!

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Michael Brauer

Michael Brauer tells the interesting story of how he was introduced to 10M Atomic Clock.

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D/A Converters (DACs) View all artists

Morten Lindberg

The Zodiac GOLD is now our preferred DAC for proof listening our 352.8kHz/24bit stereo master files.

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Daisuke Mizuta

Zodiac+ ... A big advantage! Above all, the sound is extremely straight and accurate.

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Koji Kamibayashi

The Zodiac is such an amazing piece of equipment, that listening with it bring out a natural sound experience and is a vital factor for a real high-end equipment.

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