Antelope Audio Goes Atomic on Rihanna’s “Diamonds World Tour”, Bringing Unmatched Sonic Depth and Clarity

1.	Rihanna onstage at The Staples Center in Brooklyn, NY during the Diamonds World Tour.

Rihanna onstage at The Staples Center in Brooklyn, NY during the Diamonds World Tour.

Santa Monica, CA, September 5, 2013 – Rihanna’s “Diamonds World Tour” is making its mark as one of this year’s most successful tours to date. According to a mid-year chart by Pollstar, it already ranks as the 11th largest grossing worldwide tour, having generated more than $50 million in ticket sales to date. Already well into its U.S. leg, “Diamonds World Tour” features several performances in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. At the core of the production system is Antelope Audio, whose products facilitate clocking for the entire rig, including playback for synchronization, lighting, MIDI, sound effects and vocals.
This is the best sounding tour I’ve ever been a part of and we’ve been running really hard,” says Demetrius Henry, playback engineer for the Diamonds World Tour. “We didn’t think we could get our playback rig to sound any better, but the Orion³² interface has taken things to another level —the difference was like night and day.” Currently, the tour is running two Antelope Audio Orion³²s and a 10M atomic clock on playback, in addition to a Trinity | 10M combination at front of house (FOH). The Trinity | 10M combination, which is a favored selection among the world’s top mastering engineers, serves as the primary clocking duo for the entire production.
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Experience Real Mastering Files on a Mastering Quality Set-Up Brought to you by Amphion and Antelope Audio

Amphion_Two15_333x500Santa Monica, CA, April 2, 2013 – Amphion and Antelope Audio are co-exhibiting in room 117 at the National AV Days at the NH Conference Center Koningshof in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, April 6-7, 2013. The two brands will demonstrate a very reasonably priced mastering-quality set up easily fitting any larger or not so spacious room.
The visitors will be able to listen, and experience the clearly articulated pitch and the spectacular soundstage brought by Antelope Audio’s 384 kHz USB D/A converters. As a reminder of high fidelity´s original goal, the public will have the chance to listen to original studio masters, from the same speakers on which they were mastered. Amphion Two15 studio monitors, as well as all other Amphion loudspeakers, use the innovative waveguide technology and controlled dispersion, which allow speakers to work in all acoustic spaces.
Antelope Audio’s Integrity Line of D/A converters, is especially designed to suit the diverse demands of hi-fi enthusiasts, high-end audiophiles and professional sound engineers. Zodiac DACs’ unique transparency, openness, clarity and depth inspire multiple Grammy Award Winners and Nominees like Jim Anderson, Scott Hull, Howie Weinberg and Morten Lindberg to choose them as their favorite reference converters, both for their studios and their homes as well. Together with speakers like Amphion Two15 this allows you to hear the music just as the mastering engineer and musicians intended.
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Amphion and Antelope Audio team up for the Bristol Show to demonstrate the most transparent, neutral and detailed home audio system

Santa Monica, CA, February 12, 2013Amphion and Antelope Audio are co-exhibiting in room 424 at the Sound & Vision Bristol Show in the United Kingdom, February 22 – 24, 2013. The two brands known for their neutral, yet musical and detailed sound are going to demonstrate a few different set ups, starting from mastering quality to easy-to-use desktop systems.
The visitors will have the chance to see for the first time in the UK the winner of the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award, the world’s first 384 kHz digital audio preamplifier with integrated atomic clock – Rubicon. The Atomic AD/DA Preamp will be on display and people will be able to see up-close its retro-futurist silhouette and learn more about the benefits of the precise atomic clocking and Antelope’s proprietary jitter-management technologies. The audience will be introduced to the versatility of the Rubicon, offering AD/DA conversion up to 384 kHz; transformer-based, ultra-low noise, discrete JFET phono preamp; DLNA streaming and remote control capability; ultra linear, dual stage headphone amplification and the highest quality of digitizing and storing of analog records through the custom-built USB chip.
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Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 – Our Take on the Industry’s Most Exciting Event

Musikmesse in Frankfurt is the biggest event of its kind in the music industry and one of the most exciting. It was especially exciting for our new Antelope Audio team members about to visit it for the first time.
The city welcomed us on Monday with a pleasant, mild climate and clear skies. We took it as a positive sign for a successful show in the upcoming week. Having checked into the hotel, we headed for the van rental company, then straight on to Ikea to buy the furniture for our stand. (Looking around the Messe in the next few days proved that we weren’t the only ones that had this idea.)

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What is the advantage of the volume control design in Zodiac DACs?

This is the next of the series of video-posts in which Igor Levin talks about Antelope Audio technologies.
It is time to discuss Antelope’s D/A converters (DACs) and in particular the design of the volume control.
In this post Igor talks about the specifics of the volume control within Zodiac DACs and explains why Antelope implements it in the analog part and not in the digital. The result is a much more accurate stereo placement of the audio especially in the lower listening volumes.

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Highend Massen Stockholm – More Than Just Hi-Fi

Although it was a cold weekend in Stockholm, the reception from the organizers, Life Consulting Ab was anything but chilly. In only their second year of running the show, the team headed By Robert Grubstad and Likki Luukinen made an excellent impression on all attendees. The team they had assembled was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and fun.
Those music lovers who didn’t attend the show would do well not to miss out next time around.

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Antelope’s Zodiac DACs with iPad Control Bring Extra Level of Convenience to Audiophiles and Music Lovers

Listeners Can Now Enjoy Up To 384 kHz High-Resolution Audio Files, Played from Their iPads


Santa Monica, February 14, 2012 — Antelope Audio’s Zodiac D/A converters are now compatible with iPad, allowing music lovers to enjoy pristine audio of up to 384 kHz, played and controlled from their iPad through the Zodiac DAC.


It is easy to connect and operate. Simply plug an Apple® Camera Connection Kit jack into the iPad and then plug in a USB cable to the Zodiac DAC – that’s it. The devices are connected. Then swiftly tap the Music App on the iPad and play the track.


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New York City’s Masterdisk Counts on Antelope’s Trinity/10M Combination for its Image Stability and Sonic Integrity

World Renowned Mastering Facility Has Also Installed Several Zodiac DACs at Listening Stations to Maximize its Quality Control


New York, January 30, 2012Masterdisk, one of New York City’s foremost mastering facilities, has installed several of Antelope Audio’s Isochrone Trinity Master Clock and 10M Rubidium Atomic Clock units in its mastering suites, to maintain stereo imaging and the overall sonic integrity of projects passing through its studios. Masterdisk is installing multiple Antelope Audio Zodiac D/A converters at listening stations throughout the facility for quality control purposes.


According to owner Scott Hull, Masterdisk’s mastering suites were constructed with very high quality acoustics and solid grounding, and were already well clocked —therefore they did not appear to be candidates for improvement. “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it,” he says. Yet, the Antelope 10M — which incorporates a reference generator that is 100,000 times more accurate than the quartz oscillators in most equipment — and the Trinity, which offers 64-bit DSP and up to 384 kHz audio streaming, have had a noticeable impact on performance clocking the digital audio converters in the rooms.


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Pony Canyon, The Leader in Japanese Music and Film Industry, Meets Antelope Audio

Woong San, Korea's No.1 Jazz Vocalist

Tokyo, January 26th, 2012 – Pony Canyon Inc., a major leader in the Japanese music, film, anime and games industry, jointly produced a special seminar/liveshow/wine-tasting with Antelope Audio’s Japan Office. Held at Pony Canyon’s HQ, more than 150 guests including engineers, producers, artists and audiophiles attended the three-hour event – a showcase of vocal/piano talent, Antelope equipment and fine wine.


The audience were thrilled by Korea’s No.1 Jazz vocalist, the beautiful Woong San, and subsequent panel-discussion on “the making of” her new CD in which Antelope Audio’s masterclocks played an intrinsic role. The evening also featured an extensive presentation on the power of clocking, as told by Pony Canyon’s award-winning jazz/classical engineer Yoshihiko Kawasaki.

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