Antelope Audio празднует десятилетие лидерства в области создания цифровых источников синхросигналов выпуском новой модели кварцевого синхрогенератора Isochrone OCX HD

— Решение для синхронизации с поддержкой частоты до 768 кГц в формфакторе 1U — лучшее в своём классе и гордость компании Antelope audio —

Анахайм, Калифорния, 21 января, 2016 — В рамках празднования десятилетия безусловного лидерства в разработке устройств синхронизации и выпуска первой версии опорного кварцевого генератора OCX десять лет назад, Antelope Audio [Наш стенд 6596, Hall A] имеет честь объявить о начале продаж последней модели: Isochrone OCX HD. Это изделие воплотило в себе последние инновации компании, размещается в корпусе высотой 1U, поддерживает тактовые частоты до 768 кГц и лучшую в своем классе систему синхронизации четвертого поколения (AFC), алгоритм контроля джиттера и термостатированный кварцевый генератор.
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Audio Master Clocks Fundamentals and Application Notes — Part 2

What devices need clocking?
In a simple system featuring one audio interface with built-in mic preamps connected to a computer-based DAW, the interface clocks the DAW since the most clock-critical element of the audio chain is the A/D converter, as that’s built in to the interface. If you were to add an external digital device to the equation (reverb, multi-effects processor etc), it should be configured to work as a clock slave to the interface.
Following that logic, even in bigger and more complex studios, it’s generally best to use an A/D as the master clock. If there’s more than one of these you’ll need to decide which one to use as the master, and everything else will have to be slaved to that. It’s quite possible that there will be audible differences between various configurations, because most A/Ds will perform slightly differently when configured as clock master and slave.
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Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX Master Clock Helps Ensure System Clarity During Austin Music Festival

Inside an Auto Repair Shop and at Other Makeshift Performance Environments, Isochrone OCX Is a Worthy Complement to the Mixing Desk


Austin, TX, March 27, 2012 – Every spring, thousands of artists and tens of thousands of record industry professionals flock to Austin, TX for a jam-packed schedule of live music showcases featuring everyone from young, up-and-coming bands to seasoned veteran performers. For six days, live music can be heard at almost any time of day emerging from every conceivable venue in downtown Austin, from the city’s bars, clubs and concert halls to churches, parks and empty lots.


One such makeshift venue – an auto repair shop – this year served as the main stage at the BandPage HQ, where FOH engineer/system tech and production manager Patrick Mundy used an Antelope Audio Isochrone OCX master clock to ensure PA system clarity in the acoustically unfriendly environment. “This was my second year of working showcases at the festival and my second year bringing my Antelope clock,” says Mundy.

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