Pony Canyon, The Leader in Japanese Music and Film Industry, Meets Antelope Audio

Woong San, Korea's No.1 Jazz Vocalist

Tokyo, January 26th, 2012 — Pony Canyon Inc., a major leader in the Japanese music, film, anime and games industry, jointly produced a special seminar/liveshow/wine-tasting with Antelope Audio’s Japan Office. Held at Pony Canyon’s HQ, more than 150 guests including engineers, producers, artists and audiophiles attended the three-hour event — a showcase of vocal/piano talent, Antelope equipment and fine wine.


The audience were thrilled by Korea’s No.1 Jazz vocalist, the beautiful Woong San, and subsequent panel-discussion on «the making of» her new CD in which Antelope Audio’s masterclocks played an intrinsic role. The evening also featured an extensive presentation on the power of clocking, as told by Pony Canyon’s award-winning jazz/classical engineer Yoshihiko Kawasaki.


«What a fresh approach !» was the unanimous reaction of guests as they experienced a CD launch (LIVE Woong San and BGM of Gen Okuda — 8yo child prodigy jazz pianist) and Q&A session on «why clock» (presented by two notable engineers Messrs Kawasaki and Nemoto). Guests then took the opportunity to see and hear the full range of Zodiacs and be amazed by the all new Eclipse 384.


Antelope Audio is proud of the relationship it has developed with Pony Canyon, and is set to expand activities with this company further in 2012. This will also include themed-events each season to broaden the minds of artists and engineers alike on the relevance of clocking, and the merits of investing in the world leader in this technology — Antelope.