Musikmesse Frankfurt 2012 – Our Take on the Industry’s Most Exciting Event

Musikmesse in Frankfurt is the biggest event of its kind in the music industry and one of the most exciting. It was especially exciting for our new Antelope Audio team members about to visit it for the first time.
The city welcomed us on Monday with a pleasant, mild climate and clear skies. We took it as a positive sign for a successful show in the upcoming week. Having checked into the hotel, we headed for the van rental company, then straight on to Ikea to buy the furniture for our stand. (Looking around the Messe in the next few days proved that we weren’t the only ones that had this idea.)

We found our way to the fair ground and stand C55 at hall 5.1. Everything looked perfect except for the fact that the stand walls were not black as we had requested, but…. freshly painted white. Somebody had mistaken black with white, which I thought could not be possible, especially in Germany. We had one more day ahead before the show started, so the white walls didn’t bother us too much. We talked with the organizers and as expected, by noon the next day everything was exactly as it had to be. So we set up the stand, connected the Eclipse 384 to the Adam Audio’s S3X H midfield studio monitors and Audeze’s LCD-2 headphones and the Zodiac Gold and Voltikus to the small A3X speakers by Adam and Ultrasone’s Edition 8 and Signature Pro headphones.
The first day was fairly calm, as is usual for the Messe. The exhibitors were walking around to see who was next door and what were the new products out there.
The real talks began on Thursday, when we had many interesting meetings with the media, retailers and end customers. Most of them were looking to get more info about the Eclipse 384 and the prototype of the remote control – Luna and of course to see what’s coming on our product road map. The Zodiac DACs were also attracting the attention both from pros and music lovers. We had an interesting visit by our good friend and Antelope fan Robert Babicz. Thanks Robert for dropping by and sharing some of your stories from around the world, we appreciate it!
Friday was also a productive day with quite a few meetings, tech talks, video cameras and funny moments. Thanks to our dealer in Scotland Audio Emotion we understood the exchange value of the DACs in whiskey bottles, which is always good to know. We spent a great time chatting to Nick Litwin from Mastering Mansion in Madrid as well with friends from Sweden, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy and Japan.
Then Saturday arrived, not just the last day, but also the noisiest. It was an open day for the wider public, during which every stand tries to attract the attention of thousands of high school students and families with kids. We had a couple of meetings before noon which pretty much describes the whole day, aside from the opportunity to escape to my headphones and an environment dominated by Buena Vista Social Club and my iPad, writing these short notes from the Messe for you.
So, the most exciting event in the music industry lived up to its reputation. Now even the newest members of the team are aware of what to expect next year. Thanks everyone who managed to stop by and have a chat with us. Hope to see you all in 2013, as well as those of you who skipped the Messe this year.