The Ultimate in Refined Listening: Antelope Audio Re-Introduces Rubicon, Now Featuring the Latest Innovations in Audiophile Technology

— The World’s First Atomic AD/DA Converter, Hand Crafted with the World’s Finest Componentry, Now Supports DSD128 and 24-bit/384 kHz Streaming —

Las Vegas, January 6, 2015 — Leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [CES: Venetian, Suite 29-129] announced that Rubicon, the world’s first Atomic AD/DA converter, has been refined to include the latest groundbreaking technology from Antelope Audio. Rubicon, which is hand assembled and carries a price tag of $40,000 US, has been re-engineered to take advantage of the landmark innovations that went into developing Antelope’s Zodiac Platinum: which has been hailed as the finest sounding DAC ever made.

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Antelope Audioが Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC とRubicon AD/DA プリアンプをコンシューマー・エレクトロニクス・ショー (CES International 2014) にてデモンストレーション


ラスベガス、2014年1月3日 ―リーディングデジタルオーディオメーカー、Antelope Audio  [CES: Venetian, suite 29-227]
が新Zodiac Platinum・ DSD DAC/ヘッドフォンアンプをラスベガスで開催のコンシューマー・エレクトロニクス・ショー (CES)期間中デモンストレーションしています。Zodiac Platinumでは特徴ある256X DSDアップサンプリングモードで新レベルのデジタルオーディオを体験。これはユーザーがDSD64、DSD128ファイルをDSD256にアップサンプルでき、DSDの真の可能性を解き放ちます。
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The Hills Come Alive with Antelope Audio and “The Earth Harp”

Artist and Instrument Craftsman William Close Turns to Antelope to Capture Unique and Unprecedented Recording, Using Natural Valley as the Instrument’s Resonating Chamber

Ever since his art school days in the late 1990′s while attending the prestigious Chicago Art Institute, William Close pursued his dream of building and performing with unique, handmade instruments whose sounds have never been heard anywhere in the world. Now, The Earth Harp, his masterpiece instrument creation of unprecedented physical scale and sonic beauty, has been captured in astonishing fidelity in a brand new recording — thanks to the digital clocking and conversion technology of Antelope Audio.
His new album with The Earth Harp Collective, Behind the Veil, captures the authentic sound of this spectacular instrument — from its lavish root notes to its rich harmonics and heavenly overtones. Close attributes the success of the recording in large part to Antelope Audio’s new Rubicon A to D converter, which was used as the primary mastering device, and its Orion³² multi-channel interface, which was used during playback. “I’ve never heard The Earth Harp sounding so good on a recording,” he says. “The instrument has so many beautiful harmonics and overtones, and many times these are lost in the process. The Antelope equipment was awesome and helped us finally achieve a true representation of how The Earth Harp actually sounds.”
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Experience Real Mastering Files on a Mastering Quality Set-Up Brought to you by Amphion and Antelope Audio

Amphion_Two15_333x500Santa Monica, CA, April 2, 2013 – Amphion and Antelope Audio are co-exhibiting in room 117 at the National AV Days at the NH Conference Center Koningshof in Veldhoven, The Netherlands, April 6-7, 2013. The two brands will demonstrate a very reasonably priced mastering-quality set up easily fitting any larger or not so spacious room.
The visitors will be able to listen, and experience the clearly articulated pitch and the spectacular soundstage brought by Antelope Audio’s 384 kHz USB D/A converters. As a reminder of high fidelity´s original goal, the public will have the chance to listen to original studio masters, from the same speakers on which they were mastered. Amphion Two15 studio monitors, as well as all other Amphion loudspeakers, use the innovative waveguide technology and controlled dispersion, which allow speakers to work in all acoustic spaces.
Antelope Audio’s Integrity Line of D/A converters, is especially designed to suit the diverse demands of hi-fi enthusiasts, high-end audiophiles and professional sound engineers. Zodiac DACs’ unique transparency, openness, clarity and depth inspire multiple Grammy Award Winners and Nominees like Jim Anderson, Scott Hull, Howie Weinberg and Morten Lindberg to choose them as their favorite reference converters, both for their studios and their homes as well. Together with speakers like Amphion Two15 this allows you to hear the music just as the mastering engineer and musicians intended.
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Amphion and Antelope Audio team up for the Bristol Show to demonstrate the most transparent, neutral and detailed home audio system

Santa Monica, CA, February 12, 2013Amphion and Antelope Audio are co-exhibiting in room 424 at the Sound & Vision Bristol Show in the United Kingdom, February 22 – 24, 2013. The two brands known for their neutral, yet musical and detailed sound are going to demonstrate a few different set ups, starting from mastering quality to easy-to-use desktop systems.
The visitors will have the chance to see for the first time in the UK the winner of the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award, the world’s first 384 kHz digital audio preamplifier with integrated atomic clock – Rubicon. The Atomic AD/DA Preamp will be on display and people will be able to see up-close its retro-futurist silhouette and learn more about the benefits of the precise atomic clocking and Antelope’s proprietary jitter-management technologies. The audience will be introduced to the versatility of the Rubicon, offering AD/DA conversion up to 384 kHz; transformer-based, ultra-low noise, discrete JFET phono preamp; DLNA streaming and remote control capability; ultra linear, dual stage headphone amplification and the highest quality of digitizing and storing of analog records through the custom-built USB chip.
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HIGH END Munich 2012: World premiere of Antelope’s Rubicon at the EU-wide most successful trade fair for hi-fi consumer electronics

Antelope Audio's Rubicon world premiere at High End show 2012May 03-06, 2012 – Munich, Germany: The entire range of high-tech products could be found under a single roof including warmly glowing tubes, stylish turntables and multichannel audio streaming. With over 360 exibitors, 14.600,00 visitors and more than 480 journalists, the HIGH END Munich was a remarkable proof for the enhanced interest in audiophile technologies. Among all those hifi gear, our innovative Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp attracted a high amount of visitors and international journalists at our booth. While on the one side the outstanding design was vividly discussed, on the other side the integrated Rubidium Atomic Clock led to many talks about AD/DA conversion and high resolution audio content with our staff, including mastermind Igor Levin.
No wonder, why he was the first of four speakers at the HIGH END lecture “High-resolution: The future of digital audio”. Followed by mastering engineer Morten Lindberg, highres audio distribution CEO Lothar Kerestedjan and CEO Daniela Manger from Manger Audio, the lecture made clear, that 384 kHz audiofile content is not a theoretical marketing issue, but a huge benefit to experience music.
Btw: Special thanks to the munich people, that allowed our staff to taste the wonderful german bear and food variations and led them listen to original bavarian tunes. :)

アンテロープ・オーディオ、Rubicon(ルビコン)を発表 ― 世界初のアトミックAD-DAプリアンプ

Antelope Audio Rubicon Atomic AD/DA PreampRubiconはアトミッククロック内蔵の384 kHzコンバーター兼フォノステージ・プリアンプ、ヘッドホンアンプです。
2012年4月19日、東京、日本 ― アンテロープ・オーディオは、世界的に定評のある10Mルビジウム・アトミッククロックを内蔵した革新的な384 kHzデジタルオーディオ・プリアンプ、Rubiconを発表します。Rubiconは高精細オーディオへの高まる要望に応えるとともに、アナログ・デジタル録音双方を正確にオーディオ表現・再生したいというハイエンドオーディオ愛好家の要望に応えるものです。Rubiconは5月3~6日に開催されるミュンヘン・ハイエンドショーで発表される予定です。
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