Antelope AudioのRubicon Atomic AD/DA プリアンプが2013年度CESイノベーションズよりデザイン・エンジニアリングアワードを受賞

CES 2013 Innovations Honoree

平成24年11月12日・東京 本日Antelope Audioは2013年度インターナショナルCESイノベーションズよりデザイン・エンジニアリングアワードの受賞を発表。受賞の対象となった製品は世界でも有名な10M Rubidiumアトミッククロックが組み込まれたAntelopeの誇る384kHzデジタルオーディオプリアンプ、Rubicon。この名誉のあるプログラムに登録された製品は優秀な個人工業デザイナー、エンジニアや、メディアの方々などのパネリストにより最先端を走る家電製品のデザインとエンジニアリングを称えるべく、いくつかの製品部門に分けられ、審査されます。
「CESイノベーションズ・デザイン・エンジニアリングアワーズよりこの様な評価を頂いた事はとても光栄なことです」とAntelope Audio CEOそして創立者のイゴールレビン氏は言います。「Rubiconは我々の会社にとってエンジニアリングの代表的な節目となりました、そしてなにより全体的な音の体験が飛躍的に向上したため、消費者の方々にとってもそうであることでしょう。」
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High Resolution – The Future of Digital Audio lecture by Igor Levin, Morten Lindberg, Lothar Kerestedjian and Daniela Manger

Earlier this year, during the High End Show in Munich we were given the chance to organize a lecture about high resolution audio and the benefits it brings to listeners. In order to get several different perspectives we got together four different experts and supporters of high resolution audio, from four different fields of the audio industry.
The lecturers were Daniela Manger from Manger Audio, Morten Lindberg from 2L , Lothar Kerestedjian from HighResAudio and Igor Levin, CEO and Founder of Antelope Audio.
The title of the lecture, High Resolution – The Future of Digital Audio attracted a significant audience in front of the Technology Stage at the High End Show. Here you can watch the whole lecture divided into several short videos.
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HIGH END Munich 2012: World premiere of Antelope’s Rubicon at the EU-wide most successful trade fair for hi-fi consumer electronics

Antelope Audio's Rubicon world premiere at High End show 2012May 03-06, 2012 – Munich, Germany: The entire range of high-tech products could be found under a single roof including warmly glowing tubes, stylish turntables and multichannel audio streaming. With over 360 exibitors, 14.600,00 visitors and more than 480 journalists, the HIGH END Munich was a remarkable proof for the enhanced interest in audiophile technologies. Among all those hifi gear, our innovative Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp attracted a high amount of visitors and international journalists at our booth. While on the one side the outstanding design was vividly discussed, on the other side the integrated Rubidium Atomic Clock led to many talks about AD/DA conversion and high resolution audio content with our staff, including mastermind Igor Levin.
No wonder, why he was the first of four speakers at the HIGH END lecture “High-resolution: The future of digital audio”. Followed by mastering engineer Morten Lindberg, highres audio distribution CEO Lothar Kerestedjan and CEO Daniela Manger from Manger Audio, the lecture made clear, that 384 kHz audiofile content is not a theoretical marketing issue, but a huge benefit to experience music.
Btw: Special thanks to the munich people, that allowed our staff to taste the wonderful german bear and food variations and led them listen to original bavarian tunes. :)

アンテロープ・オーディオ、Rubicon(ルビコン)を発表 ― 世界初のアトミックAD-DAプリアンプ

Antelope Audio Rubicon Atomic AD/DA PreampRubiconはアトミッククロック内蔵の384 kHzコンバーター兼フォノステージ・プリアンプ、ヘッドホンアンプです。
2012年4月19日、東京、日本 ― アンテロープ・オーディオは、世界的に定評のある10Mルビジウム・アトミッククロックを内蔵した革新的な384 kHzデジタルオーディオ・プリアンプ、Rubiconを発表します。Rubiconは高精細オーディオへの高まる要望に応えるとともに、アナログ・デジタル録音双方を正確にオーディオ表現・再生したいというハイエンドオーディオ愛好家の要望に応えるものです。Rubiconは5月3~6日に開催されるミュンヘン・ハイエンドショーで発表される予定です。
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Antelope Audio to Demonstrate Eclipse 384 A/D & D/A Converter, Master Clock and Monitor Controller at Musikmesse Frankfurt Trade Fair on March 21-24, 2012

Luna – Eclipse 384 Remote Control Prototype Also to be Unveiled at the International Music Business Fair


Frankfurt, Germany, March 16, 2012 — Antelope Audio will demonstrate its professional-grade 384 kHz A/D and D/A converter, master clock and monitoring controller at Musikmesse 2012 in Frankfurt between March 21st and March 24th at the Exhibition center in Hall 5.1, Stand C 55.


The Eclipse 384 is the first multifunctional audio device capable of providing 384 kHz A/D and D/A conversion clocked by Antelope’s 64-bit technology and powerful, flexible monitoring control. Previously, the Eclipse 384 won both the “Best of Show” and “Gear of the Year” awards from two highly respected industry publications shortly after its launch last October.


The upcoming Eclipse 384 remote control – Luna will be demonstrated in prototype form at the Musikmesse. It provides users with a flexible way of placing key aspects of the Eclipse 384 within reach of any listening position. With the exact same functions featured on the front of the Eclipse 384, Luna enables sound engineers to easily control the device while sitting in front of the console.
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Classical Audiophile Label 2L Relies on Zodiac Gold DAC to “Proof Listen” its High Resolution Masters

12-Time GRAMMY Nominee Morten Lindberg Specializes in Capturing Essence of the Performance in Various Norwegian Concert Halls, Cathedrals and Churches
Oslo, Norway, February 28, 2012 — Morten Lindberg is well-known in the audiophile community as head of 2L (Lindberg Lyd), a recording label based in Oslo, Norway that has been exporting its premium classical and folk recordings from Scandinavia for over a decade. Lindberg, who insists on extremely high quality production values throughout the entire recording, manufacturing and packaging processes, uses the Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold to ‘proof’ the carefully recorded 352.8 kHz/24-bit stereo master files before they are ever duplicated or distributed to the company’s discriminating international customers.
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Highend Massen Stockholm – More Than Just Hi-Fi

Although it was a cold weekend in Stockholm, the reception from the organizers, Life Consulting Ab was anything but chilly. In only their second year of running the show, the team headed By Robert Grubstad and Likki Luukinen made an excellent impression on all attendees. The team they had assembled was incredibly helpful, knowledgeable and fun.
Those music lovers who didn’t attend the show would do well not to miss out next time around.

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東京:2012年2月14日 — アンテロープ・オーディオのZodiacD/AコンバーターはiPadと互換性を持ち、音楽愛好家はZodiacを通じてiPad本来の音質を384kHzまでお楽しみいただけます。


接続と起動は簡単です。Apple®カメラ接続キットをiPadに差し込み、それをUSBケーブルでゾディアックに繋げれば完了です。iPad上のMusic Appをタップして曲を再生させて下さい。


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