Amphion and Antelope Audio team up for the Bristol Show to demonstrate the most transparent, neutral and detailed home audio system

Santa Monica, CA, February 12, 2013Amphion and Antelope Audio are co-exhibiting in room 424 at the Sound & Vision Bristol Show in the United Kingdom, February 22 – 24, 2013. The two brands known for their neutral, yet musical and detailed sound are going to demonstrate a few different set ups, starting from mastering quality to easy-to-use desktop systems.
The visitors will have the chance to see for the first time in the UK the winner of the CES Innovations 2013 Design and Engineering Award, the world’s first 384 kHz digital audio preamplifier with integrated atomic clock – Rubicon. The Atomic AD/DA Preamp will be on display and people will be able to see up-close its retro-futurist silhouette and learn more about the benefits of the precise atomic clocking and Antelope’s proprietary jitter-management technologies. The audience will be introduced to the versatility of the Rubicon, offering AD/DA conversion up to 384 kHz; transformer-based, ultra-low noise, discrete JFET phono preamp; DLNA streaming and remote control capability; ultra linear, dual stage headphone amplification and the highest quality of digitizing and storing of analog records through the custom-built USB chip.
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Antelope Audio to demonstrate Its Series of D/A Converters at the High-End Audio Show in Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Santa Monica, CA, February 7, 2013 – Antelope Audio is exhibiting at the High-End Show in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, February 16 – 17, 2013. The company known for its precise audio master clocks, favored by most prominent A/V facilities around the globe, is demoing its line of audio DACs, supporting USB streaming of sample rates up to 384 kHz..
Antelope Audio’s Integrity Line of D/A converters, is especially designed to suit the diverse demands of hi-fi enthusiasts, high-end audiophiles and professional sound engineers. Zodiac DACs feature a plug-and-play custom design USB interface, allowing seamless connection with iPad, Mac , PC or just about any other digital media source. The DACs also feature the renowned Antelope Audio 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology and oven-controlled oscillator, which have secured the company’s reputation as the clocking leader in the pro audio industry.
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東京:2012年10月31日 – Orion 32は、高い評価をいただいているAntelopeの64ビットアコースティック・フォーカス・クロッキング(AFC)で駆動された、世界で最初の32チャネルAD/DAコンバータで、MADI、USB双方のインタフェースをサポートします。
Orion 32は、カスタム設計USBチップを介して、32チャネル・ディジタル・オーディオを192 kHz I/Oストリーミング化し、USB機能を持ったあらゆるDAWやコンピュータに簡単に接続することを可能にします。このコンバータは光MADI I/Oを介して96 kHzオーディオを32チャネル出力でき、これを、必要な機能を持ったMADI機器に接続することができます。
このマルチチャネル・コンバータは、16本のI/Oチャネルを通じてADATプロトコルをサポートし、これにより多くのオーディオ機器との互換を実現します。マルチチャネル・コンバータの入力と出力は8つのD-SUB 25 I/Oコネクタを介してアナログ信号を運びます。

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X-Fi High-End Audio Show in the Netherlands – a Pure Audiophile Experience

On the 29th and 30th of September Antelope Audio was present at the X-FI show in the Netherlands. The event was held in the picturesque country side of Veldhoven, South East Netherlands. The event was soon set upon by the thousand’s of dedicated audiophiles from the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The event was attended by a wide range of vintage, vinyl and digital audio purist’s making for a great range of interesting devices to take a look at.
The Antelope room was of a nice size, and the team managed to create a great listening space for the visitors of the show. The Zodiac Gold and its Voltikus Power Supply Unit were representing themselves alongside a music server and the PMC Fact 8 Loudspeakers.
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Antelope Eclipse 384 AD/DA Converter Brings Master-Quality Audio to Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis’ Road Rig

Jonathan Davis recording on Eclipse 384Los Angeles, CA, August 21, 2012 — Korn shook up the nu metal world at the end of 2011 when the L.A.-based band released its tenth studio album, “Path of Totality,” featuring collaborations with a host of dubstep producers including multiple Grammy Award-winner Skrillex. Now, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is doubling down on his recent statement that “North American dubstep is the new electronic heavy metal” through a side project, Killbot, and a solo project under his DJ name, J Devil, recording into a laptop on the road and in the studio using Antelope Audio’s new Eclipse 384 converter, master clock and monitor controller.
Davis recently added the Eclipse 384 mastering converter in order to streamline his mobile production rig after spotting it on the Antelope Audio web site. The 384 kHz A-to-D & D-to-A converter is clocked, using the same Oven Controlled Clock and 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology that is implemented in Antelope Audio’s renowned Trinity Master Clock. The Eclipse 384 offers additional features conducive to mobile production applications, including two dedicated headphone amplifiers and a custom USB interface as well as two large peak meters on the front panel. In order to simplify operation, users can create up to five custom presets of favorite setups via the system’s OS X- and Windows-compatible software control panel that may then be recalled from the Eclipse 384’s front panel.
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Alan Meyerson Stays Solid with Antelope Audio Clocking

Alan Meyerson, Music Scoring Mixer, Recordist and Producer

Alan Meyerson, Music Scoring Mixer, Recordist and Producer

Santa Monica, CA, June 11, 2012 – As a music scoring mixer, recordist and producer since the early 1980s, Alan Meyerson has been well-placed to observe the transition from analog to digital audio production and post-production in the motion picture industry. With the proliferation of digital audio equipment in the studio over the years, Meyerson has turned to Antelope Audio to maintain sample-accurate synchronization among all devices, most recently installing an Isochrone Trinity universal high-definition master clock.
Meyerson has been clocking with one model of Antelope Audio device or another since the company was first established, back in 2005, he says. “I’m very familiar with what clocking does to the audio; that was one of the reasons I switched to Antelope initially. In the system I had, as soon as I put the original Antelope in, it made a tremendous difference. The imaging became much more solid. It was an instantaneous improvement.”
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Antelope Audio Meets Sound Engineering Students and Professionals at SAE Institute in Paris

Paris, France, May 29, 2012 — Antelope Audio with the hospitality of SAE Institute, Paris and the media partnership of Réalisason magazine organizes a whole day demo event of Antelope’s world-renowned converters and audio master clocks on June 20 (Wednesday) between 10:30 am and 6 pm.
The visitors will get acquainted with Antelope Audio’s portfolio and experience the unprecedented sound quality and precision provided by Eclipse 384, Trinity and the 10M Atomic Clock.
At 2:30 pm the audience will have the opportunity to attend a Fabrice Chantôme presentation. Fabrice is known for the sound post-production of various hit TV shows including Koh-Lanta and will share his first-hand experience with Antelope’s clocking technology.
Antelope Audio’s gear is used by the world’s top sound engineers in the best recording and mastering studios around the globe. The proprietary clocking technology has played a crucial role in the production of a number of blockbusters such as Avatar.
Meet Antelope Audio at SAE Institute, Paris, 45 Avenue Victor Hugo, on June 20, 10.30 am – 6 pm.

Tokyo (Spring) Hi-End Show: Real Audio + Fine Music

2012 年5月18日~20日 - 日本、東京: 沢山の専心的なハイファイ愛好 家は、週末に非常に評判の高いHI-END SHOWに参加しました。
この3日間の出来事は、オーディオ市場 で最も有名な商標のうちのいくつかを披露します。アンテロープ・オーディオは主要なオーディオ雑誌出版社「音元出版 – PHILE-WEB」に支援されました。それらは、マガジン「NET AUDIO」にZodiac/Voltikusの多くの長所が90分の講 義中に石原氏(有名なオーディオ・コンサルタント)によって示されました。
さらに、大阪の有名な ディーラー「(株)逸品館」がOCXのプレゼンテーションを披露しました。PHILE-WEB、石原講師および(株)逸品館あ りがとうございました!

アンテロープオーディオと株式会社フックアップが世界中の有名メーカーヘッドフォン・イヤフォンのイベ ントを開催しました。

Zodiac Silver・Silver Voltikus (日本のポピュラーなコンビネーション) と Zodiac Gold・ Gold Voltikusの両方を展示しました。
何千人ものお客様がいらっしゃり、一日 中体験して楽しんでいました。それらの反応は優れていました。影響力のあるNET AUDIO誌の4 月号のカバーに掲載されたので沢山のお客様がブースに足を運んでくれました。 
FUJIYA-AVIC (ショーのホストとアンテロープ・ディーラー) のお陰で す。ありがとうございました。

HIGH END Munich 2012: World premiere of Antelope’s Rubicon at the EU-wide most successful trade fair for hi-fi consumer electronics

Antelope Audio's Rubicon world premiere at High End show 2012May 03-06, 2012 – Munich, Germany: The entire range of high-tech products could be found under a single roof including warmly glowing tubes, stylish turntables and multichannel audio streaming. With over 360 exibitors, 14.600,00 visitors and more than 480 journalists, the HIGH END Munich was a remarkable proof for the enhanced interest in audiophile technologies. Among all those hifi gear, our innovative Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp attracted a high amount of visitors and international journalists at our booth. While on the one side the outstanding design was vividly discussed, on the other side the integrated Rubidium Atomic Clock led to many talks about AD/DA conversion and high resolution audio content with our staff, including mastermind Igor Levin.
No wonder, why he was the first of four speakers at the HIGH END lecture “High-resolution: The future of digital audio”. Followed by mastering engineer Morten Lindberg, highres audio distribution CEO Lothar Kerestedjan and CEO Daniela Manger from Manger Audio, the lecture made clear, that 384 kHz audiofile content is not a theoretical marketing issue, but a huge benefit to experience music.
Btw: Special thanks to the munich people, that allowed our staff to taste the wonderful german bear and food variations and led them listen to original bavarian tunes. :)