Antelope Audio to Demonstrate New Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC and Rubicon AD/DA Preamplifier at CES International 2014

Demonstrations will Explore Antelope’s Upsampling Innovations and the Role that Superior Clocking Plays in an Audiophile Digital Listening Environment

Las Vegas, January 3, 2014 — Leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [CES: Venetian, suite 29-227] will provide ongoing demonstrations of its new Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC /headphone amplifier during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Zodiac Platinum brings the digital audio listening experience to a new level with its unique 256X DSD upsampling mode, which enables users to upsample DSD64 and DSD128 files to DSD256 — unleashing the true potential of DSD.
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Antelope Audio annonce sa plus grande campagne de vente promotionnelle Black Friday sur les horloges et les convertisseurs AN/NA.

Les professionnels de l’audio ainsi que les audiophiles pourront bénéficier de rabais jusqu’à 38% sur les produits Antelope audio depuis vendredi 29 novembre 2013 jusqu’à vendredi 6 décembre 2013.

Santa Monica, Calif., le 25 novembre 2013 – Juste avant la course précédant les vacances de la Thanks Giving, Antelope Audio a annoncé sa plus grande campagne promotionnelle à ce jour avec une semaine entière de promotions – inclus des conditions spéciales sur des produits ou des « bundles » des gammes audio pro et audiophiles. En contactant certains revendeurs, les clients peuvent bénéficier de rabais promotionnels allant jusqu’à 38% sur des produits sélectionnés tels que les célèbres Trinity et sur l’horloge atomique 10M, Eclipse 384 AN/NA convertisseur Mastering, ainsi que sur toute la gamme Integrity des convertisseurs audiophiles N/A.
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Antelope Audio Orion³² Interface Receives Technical Achievement Nomination for 29th Annual TEC Awards

Orion³² Captures Nomination in « Computer Audio Hardware » Category

29th Annual TEC Awards
October 15, 2013 · Santa Monica, CA – Antelope Audio announced that its groundbreaking new Orion³² interface has been nominated for the 29th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards in the ‘Computer Audio Hardware” category. The TEC Awards is the pro audio industry’s most prestigious awards show honoring outstanding achievement in product innovation and sound production. The 29th Annual TEC Awards will be presented during the 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.
Nominations are based on product entries made by a select panel of industry professionals in numerous audio categories. Products must be released and in commercial use during the period of September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013 to be eligible for nomination.
Igor Levin, president and founder of Antelope Audio, commented: “We are pleased the Orion³² has been nominated for Outstanding Technical Acheivement by the TEC Foundation. The Orion³² is a best-in-class product that sets new standards in recording and playback in recording and live sound environments, delivering unmatched audio quality and value in a single 1U rackspace unit.”
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AES NY: Antelope to Demonstrate Orion³² Multi-Channel Interface and Host « Hanging Out” (LIVE) with Jimmy Douglas and Michael Brauer

—Demonstrations to Highlight Hybrid Multi-Channel Setup With the Orion³² —
— Purple Audio and Rupert Neve Designs to Feature Orion³² in 500 Series Product Set-Ups —


Brian Viberts and Marcel James

Brian Viberts and Marcel James

New York, October 9, 2013 — During the AES convention exhibit in New York this month, leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [Booth 3139] will demonstrate the power and flexibility of its newest multi-channel interface: the Orion³². Antelope’s U.S. Director of Sales and Marketing, Marcel James, will be on hand to walk attendees through the unit’s capabilities when used with hardware summing and equipment inserts, while explaining how to make full use of Orion’s powerful Control Panel and Mixer.
GRAMMY-Award winning engineer Brian Vibberts (Michael Jackson, Chick Corea) has prepared a Pro Tools mix session for this special presentation and will discuss how the Orion³² fits into a broader hybrid audio setup consisting of 3rd party equipment from Purple Audio and Rupert Neve Designs.
« Hanging Out » with Antelope at the AES Exhibit
Antelope will also host two live episodes of its new “Hanging Out” Series with multi GRAMMY-Award winning mix engineers Jimmy Douglas [Justin Timberlake, Jay Z] and Michael Brauer [My Morning Jacket, Coldplay]. These sessions — which will feature a meet and greet — will occur at the Antelope booth on Friday, October 18th at 3:00 p.m. and Saturday, October 19th at 1:00 p.m. respectively. Both episodes will stream live on the Antelope Audio YouTube Channel along with live show demos and reports.
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Antelope Audio Sets the Tone for Rocky Mountain Audio Fest with New Zodiac Platinum 256x DSD DAC and Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp

Denver, CO, October 3, 2013 — Leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio (exhibit room 477) will set the tone at this year’s Rocky Mountain Audio Fest by demonstrating its new Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC and its CES 2013 Innovations Award Winning, Rubicon Atomic AD/DA, the first audiophile preamp with an integrated atomic clock.
The presentation will demonstrate the unprecedented clarity, detailed imaging and wide frequency response that is possible with digital audio recordings while using Antelope Audio’s premium audiophile componentry. Attendees will experience A/B listening comparisons between analog source material and digital recordings, using Antelope Audio playback systems.
Platinum DSD DAC
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Antelope Audio Goes Atomic on Rihanna’s « Diamonds World Tour », Bringing Unmatched Sonic Depth and Clarity

1.	Rihanna onstage at The Staples Center in Brooklyn, NY during the Diamonds World Tour.

Rihanna onstage at The Staples Center in Brooklyn, NY during the Diamonds World Tour.

Santa Monica, CA, September 5, 2013 – Rihanna’s « Diamonds World Tour » is making its mark as one of this year’s most successful tours to date. According to a mid-year chart by Pollstar, it already ranks as the 11th largest grossing worldwide tour, having generated more than $50 million in ticket sales to date. Already well into its U.S. leg, « Diamonds World Tour » features several performances in North America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. At the core of the production system is Antelope Audio, whose products facilitate clocking for the entire rig, including playback for synchronization, lighting, MIDI, sound effects and vocals.
This is the best sounding tour I’ve ever been a part of and we’ve been running really hard, » says Demetrius Henry, playback engineer for the Diamonds World Tour. « We didn’t think we could get our playback rig to sound any better, but the Orion³² interface has taken things to another level —the difference was like night and day. » Currently, the tour is running two Antelope Audio Orion³²s and a 10M atomic clock on playback, in addition to a Trinity | 10M combination at front of house (FOH). The Trinity | 10M combination, which is a favored selection among the world’s top mastering engineers, serves as the primary clocking duo for the entire production.
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Orion³² AD/DA Audio Interface is Nominated for PAR Excellence Award and SOS Award

PAR Excellence 2013Our Orion³² is nominated for PAR Excellence Award 2013!
Here is what PAR Technical Editor Lynn Fuston says about it: « There’s a lot to love about this box. It features a full 32-channels of not just A-D but also D-A converters, with sampling frequencies (Fs) up to 192 kHz, in a single rack space unit that is only 9-inches deep. Plus it draws a max of 20 W of power (less than an average light-bulb). Then there’s the price: $2,995— a tremendous value per channel.”
Sound on sound describes the Orion³², saying « …..there is nothing else available that even gets close to this amount of I/O, in a box this small, at this quality level, and this kind of price. »
Sound on Sound Awards 2013
Check out the world’s first 32-channel USB audio interface and master clock in only 1U box Orion³² AD/DA Converter and vote for us at PAR Excellence Award and Sound on Sound Awards web pages.

Antelope Audio to Showcase its New Orion³² Interface at Summer NAMM

Nashville, July 10, 2013 – Leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio will be showcasing its groundbreaking new Orion³² interface at the Summer NAMM show between this Thursday and Saturday at booth 925. This year, the Summer NAMM show, which is being held at the new Music City Center for the first time, is expected to draw over 10,000 visitors from almost 30 countries.
Demonstrations at the Antelope Audio booth will feature the Orion³² being used in conjunction with a Neve 5059 summing mixer and a pair of Chris Pelonis monitors. Antelope will also have its Isochrone 10M master clock on display, which is a staple in many of the top mastering, recording and post-production facilities around the world.
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Trinity Master Clock at Prestigious Parisian Châtelet Theater

Paris, France, 22 juin 2013 – Le mythique théâtre du Châtelet de Paris accueillait sur scène un des plus brillants jeunes comiques français, Gaspard Proust. Le spectacle était filmé en HD par le réalisateur François Hanss reconnu pour son travail avec les plus grandes stars de la chanson française telles que Mylène Farmer et Johnny Hallyday. Pour satisfaire le niveau d’exigence du réalisateur, le preneur de son Benoit Hénaff et son assistant Cosi Mero ont choisi sur la proposition du mixeur Fabrice Chantôme d’utiliser la Trinity Antelope audio pour servir d’horloge maitresse à toutes les machines numériques.
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FX Group Invests in Antelope Audio Orion³² AD/DA Interface

Santa Monica, CA, July 1, 2013 – The UK’s largest pro-audio rental company has purchased the new Antelope Audio Orion³² audio interface for it’s rental stock.
The Orion³² is the worlds first 32 channel USB audio interface that features as standard 32 analog I/O channels, MADI, ADAT, and s/pdif digital formats. The Orion³² also has on board it’s highly regarded 64 bit AFC ( acoustically focused clock ) and a simple but extremely powerful and flexible software controlled routing matrix enabling the user to mix simultaneous I/O formats, all in a 1u package.
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