Antelope Audio: Première démonstration au Royaume-Uni du convertisseur Zodiac Platinum DSD256/ampli casque avec l’horloge atomique 10M audiophile

— Antelope Audio apporte pour la première fois la conversion NA DSD256 et ses technologies d’horloge atomique primée aux audiophiles les plus exigeants. —

Bristol, 17 février 2014 — — Les visiteurs du Sound & Vision Show de Bristol peuvent expérimenter le son de qualité mastering d’une suite de produits conçus pour fonctionner dans le confort de leur habitat. Pour la première fois au Royaume-Uni, la suite Zodiac Platinum sera en démonstration, comprenant le convertisseur NA suréchantillonnant Zodiac Platinum Zodiac Platinum DSD256, l’alimentation Voltikus et l’horloge atomique 10M audiophile (connue sous le nom de Baby 10M).
Antelope Audio a été le premier à adopter des générateurs à horloge atomique pour les horloges maîtres audio ce qui a considérablement amélioré la gestion du temps et du jitter dans les systèmes audio. Les producteurs et ingénieurs derrière les artistes mondialement connus de la musique utilisent les technologies d’horloge et de conversion NA Antelope, à la fois en studio et en tournée. Les séries Platinum distillent et affinent ces technologies pour l’environnement domestique permettant aux amoureux de la musique d’obtenir un son au plus proche de l’intention du producteur comme cela n’a jamais été le cas auparavant.
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Amphion and Antelope Audio to Demonstrate Mastering Quality Sound during Integrated Systems Europe in Amsterdam

- The Demonstrations will Highlight the Synergy between Antelope’s High Quality Conversion and Clocking and Amphion’s Clean and Transparent Sound -

Amsterdam, February 3, 2014 — During the Integrated Systems Europe, February 4 – 6, 2014, Amphion Loudspeakers and Antelope Audio [Booth 7-V184] will demonstrate the power and flexibility of the world’s first 32-channel interface and master clock Orion32, 384 kHz mastering AD/DA converter Eclipse 384 and the unique DSD upsampling home audio DAC Zodiac Platinum, in conjunction with Amphion’s Two18 mixing / mastering monitors and home entertainment Argon and Helium speaker lines.
Amphion and Antelope offer audiences the experience of mastering-quality sound, not only at the studio but even in the comfort of their own home. Due to a high level of sonic synergy and stable acoustic signature, the system works in all kinds of rooms, no matter if they are big or small, acoustically treated or not. The high level of resolution and cohesion draw the listener deep into the music, both while mixing and mastering or simply enjoying it.
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Antelope Audio’s Orion32 Helps International DJ/Producer Dusty Kid Usher In the Next Chapter of Electronic Music Creation

Orion32 Serves as Kid’s ‘Digital Hub,’ Providing Unmatched Flexibility and Audio Quality in Routing Hardware and Software Virtual Instruments

Anaheim, CA, January 23, 2014 – Antelope Audio [Booth 7118 - Arena] counts international DJ/producer phenomenon Dusty Kid (a/k/a Paolo Alberto Lodde) among its fans. A dedicated electronic music artist since age 12, Dusty Kid is very much in demand among the international DJ circuit, having toured relentlessly for the last seven years. In the studio, the Orion32 has helped Dusty Kid realize his dream of realizing the ultimate ‘modular studio,’ enabling him to seamlessly connect the hardware and software devices he needs for unmatched flexibility and audio quality. We spoke to Dusty, who was born to make music [indeed, he claims his first word was 'vinyl’] just before the 2014 NAMM Show to find out how the Orion32 fits into his music creation scheme.
How is being a DJ now different from being one say, ten years ago?
Well, I am not a DJ even though what I do in clubs reflects more or less what a DJ does. But I can tell you that ten years ago being a good DJ was certainly about playing vinyl, having good technique and traveling just about anywhere to get the chance to buy records other people were not able to find. Today, it is quite different as most people use computers to match tempos of digital files and basically anyone can find just about any music on the Internet!
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Antelope Audio to Give Away an Orion32 Interface During 2014 NAMM Show

— Orion32, TEC Award Nominee for Outstanding Technical Achievement, Is World’s First 32 Channel AD/DA Converter and Master Clock in a 1U Rack Box — 

Anaheim, Calif., January 22, 2014 — During the 2014 NAMM Show this month, leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [Booth 7118 - Arena] will be giving away one of its new Orion32 interfaces: the world’s first 32 channel AD/DA converter and master clock available in a 1U rack box, valued at $2,995. To enter the contest, participants must fill out and submit a contest form at the Antelope booth before the drawing is held at noon on Sunday, January 26th.
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L’interface multicanaux Antelope Orion32, nominée pour le TEC Award, sera présentée au NAMM Show 2014

— Des démonstrations pour mettre en lumière des configurations multicanaux hybrides avec l’Orion 32 —
— A ne pas manquer également : Antelope Audio présentera le Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC/Ampli casque, juste après sa sortie officielle à la récente exposition internationale du CES. — 

Anaheim, Calif., 21 janvier 2014 — A l’occasion du 2014 NAMM Show, le fabricant d’audio numérique Antelope Audio [Stand 7118 - Arena] démontrera la puissance et la flexibilité de sa récente interface multicanaux : l’Orion 32. Le responsable américain des ventes et du marketing Américain d’Antelope, Marcel James, sera à disposition pour guider les visiteurs à travers les différentes possibilités offertes par le produit en combinaison avec le sommateur de Rupert Neve, ainsi qu’avec des modules de la série 500 de Purple Audio, Maag Audio, Bettermaker et Electrodyne. Antelope démontrera également son convertisseur Eclipse384, l’Orion32 ainsi que l’Eclipse384 synchronisé par son horloge atomique renommée 10M.
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Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC: Combining Evolutionary and Revolutionary Innovations for a Perfected Listening Experience

Unique Upsampling Features on Zodiac Platinum Deliver Unprecedented Detail, Enabling Listeners to get ‘Closer’ to Original Studio Recordings

Las Vegas, January 8, 2014 — Yesterday at the Consumer Electronics Show, leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [CES: Venetian, suite 29-227] unveiled its highly anticipated Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC/headphone amplifier. With its revolutionary DSD upsampling capabilities and unique 10 MHz clocking input, the Zodiac Platinum helps listeners realize unprecedented detail and transparency, enabling them to get closer than ever before to original studio recordings.
With its 256X upsampling mode, the Zodiac Platinum is able to upsample DSD64 and DSD128 files to DSD256, thereby unleashing the true potential of DSD. This feature, combined with the new 10 MHz external clocking input, is currently not available in any other DAC on the market and enables listeners to realize greater detail, imaging and transparency in recordings.
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Antelope Audio Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC/Headphone Amp Debuts at CES, Setting New Standard for Accuracy, Transparency, Imaging and Dynamics

New Zodiac Platinum Combines Revolutionary Design and Feature Set, Including Unique 256X DSD Upsampling Mode and 24-Bit, 384 kHz Streaming via USB

Las Vegas, January 7, 2014 — Leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [CES: Venetian, suite 29-227] introduces its new Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC / headphone amplifier during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Zodiac Platinum, features a unique 256X upsampling mode where DSD64 and DSD128 are upsampled to DSD256, thereby releasing the true potential of DSD – delivering new standards in accuracy, transparency, imaging, and dynamics. The new DSD DAC ships with an entirely new, second-generation Voltikus power supply and an elegant aluminum remote control.
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Antelope Audio to Demonstrate New Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC and Rubicon AD/DA Preamplifier at CES International 2014

Demonstrations will Explore Antelope’s Upsampling Innovations and the Role that Superior Clocking Plays in an Audiophile Digital Listening Environment

Las Vegas, January 3, 2014 — Leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [CES: Venetian, suite 29-227] will provide ongoing demonstrations of its new Zodiac Platinum DSD DAC /headphone amplifier during the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. The Zodiac Platinum brings the digital audio listening experience to a new level with its unique 256X DSD upsampling mode, which enables users to upsample DSD64 and DSD128 files to DSD256 — unleashing the true potential of DSD.
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Antelope Audio annonce sa plus grande campagne de vente promotionnelle Black Friday sur les horloges et les convertisseurs AN/NA.

Les professionnels de l’audio ainsi que les audiophiles pourront bénéficier de rabais jusqu’à 38% sur les produits Antelope audio depuis vendredi 29 novembre 2013 jusqu’à vendredi 6 décembre 2013.

Santa Monica, Calif., le 25 novembre 2013 – Juste avant la course précédant les vacances de la Thanks Giving, Antelope Audio a annoncé sa plus grande campagne promotionnelle à ce jour avec une semaine entière de promotions – inclus des conditions spéciales sur des produits ou des « bundles » des gammes audio pro et audiophiles. En contactant certains revendeurs, les clients peuvent bénéficier de rabais promotionnels allant jusqu’à 38% sur des produits sélectionnés tels que les célèbres Trinity et sur l’horloge atomique 10M, Eclipse 384 AN/NA convertisseur Mastering, ainsi que sur toute la gamme Integrity des convertisseurs audiophiles N/A.
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Antelope Audio Orion³² Interface Receives Technical Achievement Nomination for 29th Annual TEC Awards

Orion³² Captures Nomination in « Computer Audio Hardware » Category

29th Annual TEC Awards
October 15, 2013 · Santa Monica, CA – Antelope Audio announced that its groundbreaking new Orion³² interface has been nominated for the 29th Annual Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards in the ‘Computer Audio Hardware” category. The TEC Awards is the pro audio industry’s most prestigious awards show honoring outstanding achievement in product innovation and sound production. The 29th Annual TEC Awards will be presented during the 2014 NAMM Show in Anaheim, CA.
Nominations are based on product entries made by a select panel of industry professionals in numerous audio categories. Products must be released and in commercial use during the period of September 1, 2012 to August 31, 2013 to be eligible for nomination.
Igor Levin, president and founder of Antelope Audio, commented: “We are pleased the Orion³² has been nominated for Outstanding Technical Acheivement by the TEC Foundation. The Orion³² is a best-in-class product that sets new standards in recording and playback in recording and live sound environments, delivering unmatched audio quality and value in a single 1U rackspace unit.”
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