X-Fi High-End Audio Show in the Netherlands – a Pure Audiophile Experience

On the 29th and 30th of September Antelope Audio was present at the X-FI show in the Netherlands. The event was held in the picturesque country side of Veldhoven, South East Netherlands. The event was soon set upon by the thousand’s of dedicated audiophiles from the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The event was attended by a wide range of vintage, vinyl and digital audio purist’s making for a great range of interesting devices to take a look at.
The Antelope room was of a nice size, and the team managed to create a great listening space for the visitors of the show. The Zodiac Gold and its Voltikus Power Supply Unit were representing themselves alongside a music server and the PMC Fact 8 Loudspeakers.

The starting day of the event was set to be a busy one, with people queuing outside the event long before the doors were opened. The people flocked into Antelopes room drawn by a smooth sound and an unmatchable quality. Listeners eyes were soon drawn across the room by the sight of our soon to be released Rubicon Atomic AD/DA Preamp, with a lot of questions been answered throughout the day this device caused a big stir among the Hi-Fi elite at the show.
Sunday was no different and people flocked to the Antelope room, wanting to hear what we had on display. Many people returned several times throughout the day just to sit and listen and at times the room was packed and the audiophiles were listening from the hall way.
We were complimented as the day went by on the clarity and fullness of our setup and also the music choice which involved a mixture of the standard audiophile genres and some unusual selections, as well that kept the listeners interested and excited. We especially over played a very dynamic drum solo piece that showed off the Zodiac Gold’s keen sense for timing, dynamics and amazing depth complimented by a spacious stereo image.
The event was successful and we met many interesting and exciting people and enjoyed our experience at the show. I would like to thank the shows organizers for making it a successful and interesting show and everyone involved in making my stay in the Netherlands so enjoyable. Until next year!