Tokyo (Spring) Hi-End Show: Real Audio + Fine Music

May 18-20, 2012 – Tokyo, JAPAN: Many hundreds of dedicated audiophiles attended the highly-respected HI-END SHOW over the weekend.
This 3-Day event showcases some of the most prestigious brands in the audio-marketplace. Antelope Audio was supported by the leading audio-magazine publisher “Ongen Shuppan”. They recently featured our Zodiac/Voltikus on both the cover and within their magazine “Net Audio”.
The Zodiac’s many merits were presented by Mr Shin Ishihara, a noted audio-consultant, during a 90-minute lecture to a very receptive audience. In addition, the well-known Osaka-based dealer “Ippinkan Inc” showcased our OCX within their own 3-days of presentations. Special thanks to Phile-web, Mr Ishihara and Ippinkan KK for your great support.