Antelope Audio to demonstrate Its Series of D/A Converters at the High-End Audio Show in Alkmaar, The Netherlands

Santa Monica, CA, February 7, 2013 – Antelope Audio is exhibiting at the High-End Show in Alkmaar, The Netherlands, February 16 – 17, 2013. The company known for its precise audio master clocks, favored by most prominent A/V facilities around the globe, is demoing its line of audio DACs, supporting USB streaming of sample rates up to 384 kHz..
Antelope Audio’s Integrity Line of D/A converters, is especially designed to suit the diverse demands of hi-fi enthusiasts, high-end audiophiles and professional sound engineers. Zodiac DACs feature a plug-and-play custom design USB interface, allowing seamless connection with iPad, Mac , PC or just about any other digital media source. The DACs also feature the renowned Antelope Audio 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking technology and oven-controlled oscillator, which have secured the company’s reputation as the clocking leader in the pro audio industry.

All three models are receiving very positive comments any time they are reviewed. Audiovideo2day says: “Closer to the original is hard to get. You are, as it were, catapulted to the place of recording with a very natural setting with seemingly unlimited dynamics.” adds: “… if you’re just looking for a very good D/A converter with preamp bonus feature and dual headphone jack, then the Zodiac is simply the smartest choice.”
Zodiac DACs’ unique transparency, openness, clarity and depth make multiple Grammy Award Winners and Nominees like Jim Anderson, Scott Hull, Howie Weinberg and Morten Lindberg choose them as their favorite reference converters, both for their studios and their homes as well.