What is the advantage of the volume control design in Zodiac DACs?

This is the next of the series of video-posts in which Igor Levin talks about Antelope Audio technologies.
It is time to discuss Antelope’s D/A converters (DACs) and in particular the design of the volume control.
In this post Igor talks about the specifics of the volume control within Zodiac DACs and explains why Antelope implements it in the analog part and not in the digital. The result is a much more accurate stereo placement of the audio especially in the lower listening volumes.
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Classical Audiophile Label 2L Relies on Zodiac Gold DAC to “Proof Listen” its High Resolution Masters

12-Time GRAMMY Nominee Morten Lindberg Specializes in Capturing Essence of the Performance in Various Norwegian Concert Halls, Cathedrals and Churches
Oslo, Norway, February 28, 2012 — Morten Lindberg is well-known in the audiophile community as head of 2L (Lindberg Lyd), a recording label based in Oslo, Norway that has been exporting its premium classical and folk recordings from Scandinavia for over a decade. Lindberg, who insists on extremely high quality production values throughout the entire recording, manufacturing and packaging processes, uses the Antelope Audio Zodiac Gold to ‘proof’ the carefully recorded 352.8 kHz/24-bit stereo master files before they are ever duplicated or distributed to the company’s discriminating international customers.
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