Producer/Multi-Instrumentalist Behind Celldweller Unlocks a Brand New Cosmos of Sound with Antelope Audio’s Orion 32

— Antelope Audio’s Stellar Clocking and Conversion Take This High-Tech One-Man-Band to Celestial Heights on End of an Empire —


Santa Monica, CA, July 14, 2015 — Celldweller has been forging a reputation since the early 2000s for visceral, driving music that seamlessly blends rock and electronica in a way that could only be achieved by way of his unique larger than life productions. While his creative approach to sound has remained constant since his first Celldweller releases, his gear has continually evolved. Working out of his Detroit studio, he recently overhauled his system to take advantage of the industry-leading clocking and conversion of Antelope Audio’s Orion 32.
This multi-instrumentalist, who fans know as Klayton, considers any sound fair game for his compositions. “I will pick up anything around me that makes sound and try to figure out a way to use it,” Klayton explains. In the midst of a busy summer putting the finishing touches on his latest Celldweller release End of an Empire, Klayton is working on two film scores and preparing to work on a video game score in the fall that he recently signed on to compose. “I like to stay busy,” he says.
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Antelope Audio Launches R4S Remote Control for Satori at Summer NAMM, Delivering Flexible Source and Monitor Switching in the Studio

— Booth Demonstrations will Showcase the Antelope Ecosystem: Orion32, MP32, Pure2 and Satori with R4S Remote Control, as well as This Year’s Top Seller Zen Studio, and the Company’s Latest Mic Pre – MP8d —

Nashville, July 1, 2015 — Leading pro audio gear manufacturer Antelope Audio is showcasing the new R4S Remote Control for Satori monitoring solution and the new MP8d eight-channel mic pre with A/D at the Summer NAMM, July 9 – 11 at Nashville’s Music City Center, booth 444.
Satori RC
Antelope has chosen Summer NAMM to make the international debut of its R4S Remote Control — a flexible, USB- powered companion to the Satori monitoring controller. The R4S puts all the functionality of the Satori monitor controller at the user’s fingertips, making it easy to access source and speaker selections, volume level, summing, stereo effects and even talkback.
The R4S — which is scheduled to ship mid July for only $299 — provides engineers with ease and flexibility to control Satori remotely and allows for fast switching of the full set of options, including talkback via the built-in mic. R4S has a small footprint and ergonomic design, which makes it easy to fit in the often-limited space of the work desk.
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Producer BenDMA Finds His ‘Zen’ in Jamaica with Antelope Audio, Working on New Marsimoto Record

— With Premium Quality AD/DA Conversion and Commercial Studio Grade Mic Pres, Antelope’s Zen Studio Proves to Be the Perfect Companion for Poolside Production —


Kingston, Jamaica, June 29, 2015 — When BenDMA was asked to join the Green Berlin production crew in Jamaica to work on the new record for popular German rapper Marteria’s alter-ego Marsimoto, he felt as if he was reaching the top of a long ladder. “I started out as Marteria’s tour driver, then I worked in merchandise, then I was tour manager, backliner, everything you could think of,” he explains. “It was really brave of him to send me to Jamaica as a producer, but he trusted my abilities.” With Antelope Audio’s Zen Studio by his side, BenDMA was at the top of his game with the rest of his talented team of producers — helping to deliver Marsimoto’s most exciting record to date.

While recording in Jamaica, Green Berlin’s core producers Kid Simius, Dead Rabbit, and Nobody’s Face were supported by BenDMA — as well as Marteria producers the Krauts and K-Paul. “It was the first time we went outside Europe to produce a record,” says BenDMA. “One of the biggest challenges we encountered was staying within the luggage weight limit for the flight.” Suitcase weight limits were capped at 30 kilograms, and the small studio monitors each producer packed were 15 kilograms alone. “The portability of the Zen Studio was perfect,” he added. At only 2 kilograms, it left enough room for BenDMA to bring some synthesizers, a few mics, and a small rack with a preamp and compressor.

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Antelope Audio to Demonstrate its New Pure2 Stereo Mastering Converter and Master Clock at 14th Annual Gearfest

— Pure2 Brings Extensive Feature Set and Uncompromising Quality to Both Live and Studio Applications — at an Unprecedented Price Point —
Fort Wayne, IN, June 3, 2015 — Leading professional audio gear manufacturer Antelope Audio announced that its widely anticipated Pure2 mastering-grade 24/192 kHz AD/DA stereo converter and master clock, which is now shipping and priced at $2,195, will be demonstrated during the 14th annual Gearfest, to be held on June 12 and 13 at Sweetwater Sound’s headquarters in Fort Wayne, IN.
Pure2 builds on the mastering legacy of Antelope Audio’s renowned Eclipse 384 high-end converter, which is found in high end mastering facilities around the world. Borrowing aesthetics and form-factor elements from Antelope’s top-selling Orion32, Pure2 combines the features and capabilities of several of Antelope Audio’s industry-standard AD/DA converters and interfaces.


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New for Musikmesse: Antelope Audio Introduces MP8d, New Eight-channel Microphone Preamplifier with A/D conversion

— MP8d Follows Successes of Zen Studio and MP32 mic preamp, Firmly Establishing Exceptional Quality of Antelope Audio’s Mic Pre Design Capabilities —


Frankfurt, Germany, April 15, 2015 — For Musikmesse 2015, Antelope Audio [hall 5.1, booth E41] introduces a new addition to its family of class-A mic preamps: the MP8d eight-channel mic preamp with A/D conversion. During exhibition hours between April 15 and 18, Antelope Audio will showcase all the latest products and feature limited time show specials including a special 5% discount on any of its current portfolio, valid until May 15, 2015.

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Antelope Audio Zen Studio Interface Inspires ‘Next Generation’ Recording Engineer to take his Show on the Road

— Recent Sound Arts Graduate Travels Europe with a Zen Studio, Tracking 13 Bands in a Two-Month Recording Tour —

Jochem Smaal story

Lyon, France – April 2, 2015 — When Jochem Smaal graduated from the Art of Sound Program at the Royal Conservatoire of the Hague in the Netherlands this past September, he wasted no time setting up recording sessions in a variety of local studios and manning live sound at nearby venues. Soon enough, he was struck with an idea: what if he could take his recording work on the road, and still achieve studio quality results? Antelope Audio Zen Studio was the answer: a sleek and portable interface that would give him the 20 channels of simultaneous input he needed, in addition to 12 commercial, studio-grade preamplifiers along with built in clocking and conversion that Antelope is known for.
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FreedomHouse Church Brings Dynamic, High Quality Programming to Diverse Millennial Congregation with Antelope Audio’s Zen Studio

— From Recording Podcasts and Rehearsals, to High Resolution Playback of Backing Tracks During Services, Zen Studio Keeps Production Values High for Growing Congregation —

FreedomHouse Church live rig

La Habra, CA, March 16, 2015 — Back in 2008, FreedomHouse Church began with seven people on a mission to bring hope and change their world one life at a time — with an inspiring Christian message built on principles of excellence, honor and commitment. Six years later, with a dynamic young pastor whose vision was to create a church people want to come to, FreedomHouse’s congregation has grown to just under 1,000 — mostly under 30 years old and reflecting nearly every ethnicity and background. At the center of FreedomHouse’s media production toolkit is a new Zen Studio multi-channel interface, from Antelope Audio.
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Emily Lazar Takes Beauty Pill’s Experimental Pop to New Sonic Heights, Using Antelope’s Isochrone 10M Master Clock

— Recorded as a Public Art Exhibit Four Years Ago, Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are is Scheduled for Release in April, Mastered at The Lodge in 192 kHz —

Emily Lazar guitar
Santa Monica, CA, March 9, 2015 — In 2011, indie band Beauty Pill was commissioned by the Arlington, VA-based Artisphere museum to transform the facility’s Black Box performance space into an ‘active recording studio exhibit’ — a project called Immersive Ideal. The two week long recording session saw the band creating music in a ‘sonic fishbowl’, where they completed tracks for their next album — Beauty Pill Describes Things As They Are. The album, which is finally set for release this April on Butterscotch Records, was mixed by Beauty Pill’s lead singer, producer and principle songwriter, Chad Clark at Arlington, VA-based Bastille Recording Services, and mastered by Emily Lazar of NYC’s The Lodge — using Antelope Audio’s Isochrone 10M Atomic Clock, a pair of OCX-V Master Clocks and an Eclipse 384 converter.
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Stevie Wonder’s Epic ‘Songs in the Key Of Life’ Tour Takes Analog Sweetness into the Present, with Clocking by Antelope Audio

— As More Tour Dates are Announced, Antelope Audio is the Sole Clocking Device at FOH and Monitors for Limited Run Engagements, with Zen Studio Capturing Each Performance —

Santa Monica, CA, February 6, 2015 — Last fall, Stevie Wonder announced that he would be taking his landmark Songs in the Key of Life album on the road in a limited run, 11-city engagement across North America. The announcement sparked the attention of major U.S. media, since it marked the first time Wonder has ever taken the Diamond-certified album on tour — and almost four decades after its original release in 1976. To be sure, Songs in the Key of Life is an American masterpiece that has helped define the very fiber of popular culture, while influencing countless musicians around the world. A faithful, touring rendition of the album was a daunting endeavor, since the double album took over a year to record and involved over 120 studio musicians.

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Antelope Audio to Demonstrate Zen Studio, Satori Monitor Controller, Pure2 Mastering Converter and MP32 Preamplifier During 2015 NAMM Show

— Zen Studio, Now Available with Z-Rack Mount and Embroidered Travel Case, to be Honored as Nominee During TEC Award Ceremony Saturday Evening —

Anaheim, Calif., January 22, 2015 — During the 2015 NAMM Show this week, leading digital audio manufacturer Antelope Audio [Hall A - Booth 6274] will demonstrate the detail, purity and flexibility of the newest products in its lineup of professional audio products: the Pure2 mastering converter, the MP32 microphone preamplifier, the Satori monitoring controller, and of course the Zen Studio — which has received industry accolades and a TEC Award nomination during 2014.
Zen Studio in a Rack
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